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Most people associate Hoover with vacuum cleaners and not wrongly so as for a very long time they have dominated the floor cleaning market. Hoover however do a wide range of domestic appliances including washing machines, tumble dryers, and dishwashers.

We have been repairing Hoover appliances for a very long time and repair hundreds of them each week so we know their models inside out.

Our Hoover repair and Hoover service engineers are fully trained and receive regular training updates to ensure we’re always ahead of the game.

Our close working relationship with Hoover allows us to ensure our experience and knowledge with their appliances are second-to-none, and our status allows us to source parts directly from them at much lower prices than other repair companies. This all means you receive the best engineers for your appliance at great value!

If you require a Hoover repair contact us today or book online. We offer same/next day appointments and our engineers can avoid school runs etc. to work around your diary.